22nd to 26th of February 2023

Kragero Chessclub welcome all chessfriends to Kragero Resort Chess Int. 2023 – from 22ND to 26th of Feb. 2023



  • Title Swiss Group 9-round Swiss open for all players with an FIDE-rating of at least 1900 with possibility for title norms. Having had the required rating on the official FIDE-list at the time of registering for the tournament will be sufficient, even if the player’s rating drops below on the last list before the tournament.
  • Elo Swiss Group 9-round open for palyers with rating under 2000. Elo-Group is also an official NGP (Norges Grand Prix) tournament.

Signup and payment within 17th of February 2022:

Start fee:

  • Title Group: Free GM/IM/WGM og WIM – Others NOK 1.500,- 
  • Elo Group NOK 1.200,-  Juniors under 20 years  NOK 900,-


  • Title Swiss Group1. NOK 25000  2.  NOK 15000 3. NOK 10000 4. NOK 5000 5. NOK 3000 6. NOK 2500 7. NOK 1000

  • Best female player: 1. NOK 5000 2. NOK 3000 3. NOK 2000 

  • Best senior player (60+) NOK 5000

  • Best player rated under 2200: NOK 1000  –  Bookprizes for the remaining players whithin top 15.

  • ELO Swiss Group: 1. NOK 5000 2. NOK 4000 3. NOK 3000 4. NOK 2000 5. NOK 1000 

Ratingprizes in each of the following rating groups:  1600-1799 (class 2) 1400-1599 (class 3) 1200-1399 (class 4) 0-1199 (class 5)

Winners of class: 2, 3, 4 and 5 is guaranteed a prize of NOK 1000 each in addition there will be bookprizes for 1/3rd of the ratinggroups.

Prizes are shared equally within the numbers of Prizes in case of equal points.


Thuesday February 21st

20.00 Kragero Resort Chess Blitz 2023 9 rounds        

Wednesday February 22nd

11:00-13:00 Registration

11:30-13:30 Lunch

13:45 Opening

14:00 1st round

17:30 – 19:00 Dinner             

19:00 2nd round

Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th of February

2 rounds per day (3rd-9th round)               

The morning rounds start at 10:00 and the evening rounds at 15:30

Saturday 25th of February

20.30 – 22.30 Kragero Resort Blitz timehandicap – free unformal Blitz tournament with timehandicap and joyful prizes

Sunday 26th of February

09:00 9th round

14:00 Closing ceremony

Accomodation at Kragerø Resort (all meals included – breakfast, lunch and dinner):

Prices per night per person with chess deal:

Age under 16: Kr. 1350,-

Age over 16:

In double room/apartments: Kr. 1550,-

Single room: Kr. 1.800,-

+47 35 97 11 00

Bus transport: NOK 600 t/r Oslo Airport Gardermoen/Oslo Busterminal and shuttlebusses NOK 350 from Porsgrunn Railway station (Train from Sandefjord Torp Airport) – the bus must be paid together with the signup fee

Tuesday 21st of February: Departure from Oslo Airport Gardermoen at 14:00, Oslo Bus terminal (see information at the terminal for platform number) at 15:15, 

Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd of February: Shuttlebusses from Porsgrunn Railway station (Trains from Oslo/Drammen/Horten/Sandefjord Torp & Larvik) – departure at 17:00, 19:00 and 23:00 (Tuesday) and 09:00 (Wednesday)

Return Sunday 27th at approx. 14:30 departure Bus to Oslo Airport Gardermoen (expected arrival before 19:00 Oslo Airport Gardermoen) will also stop at Oslo Bus terminal.

The Shuttlebus to Porsgrunn Railway station will also leave before 14:00 & 15:00 connecting with trains to Oslo/Drammen/Horten/Sandefjord Torp Airport & Larvik). 

Please contact the organizer for further information, the transport must be ordered from the organizer by the sign-up to the tournament

Kragerø Resort has been hosting Magnus while preparing for his 3 first WC titles and has become an important location for the modern Norwegian chess era!

The editions of Kragerø Resort Chess 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2022 have been a success with GM, WGM and IM norms and an increasing numbers of participants. Our goal for the 2023 tournament is to give you a strong, friendly, and exciting quality tournament.
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